The Hindu PDF Download Free Hindu E-Paper Daily Analysis April 2021

The Hindu Pdf Free Download E Paper & The Hindu Daily Analysis Free April 2021 which started in 1878 as a weekly newspaper, started daily sales in 1889 and has since then, as of December 2012, has a reader base of 22.58 lakhs and circulated 15,58,379 copies in the July-December 2012 period. As we all know The Hindu newspaper pays attention to details and brings into notice the people and issues relevant to India. The Hindu newspaper presents unbiased and balanced information on various issues. The Hindu paper is printed in 17 centers, with the main Corporate Office in Chennai. These 17 centers are connected with high-speed data lines so that there is an efficient and fast transmission of news across the nation.

Updated on 14 April 2021: The Hindu PDF Free E Paper is available to download below, people those who are regular readers can bookmark this web page. we upload The Hindu Newspaper PDF and its analysis on daily basis around 8:00 A.M every morning.

Well, The Hindu is the second most followed newspaper after The Times of India but is considered as the best newspaper in India, as it encourages the youth to participate in the decision-making process, or at least have an opinion to talk about things that matter. The reader base of The Hindu has gone up by 4.27 percent to 16,35,000 copies (2017). The Hindu News Paper started selling internet copies in 1995 and has been creating a great impact since then.

The Hindu Pdf Download Free April 2021

The table below gives some information on The Hindu News Paper Pdf Download. You can have a look.

Name The Hindu E-Paper
Size5 Mb
PagesApprox. 10 or less
SupportAll Devices

The Hindu E-Paper Free Covers:

  • 1. All National News related to government issues, which are not policies, political angle, and initiatives.
  • 2. International News on treaties, disputes, agreements, and no accidents, or deaths.
  • 3. Economy of India and how certain external factors affect us.
  • 4. Science and Technology e-paper which helps greatly in UPSC preparations, as it covers every area.
  • 5. Environment and Biodiversity updates for a bigger perspective like UPSC.

Free The Hindu Daily Paper Pdf Download April 2021

Candidates, we have provided links to download the E-paper below. You can click on the links below to download the newspapers of the date you want to read about. Check the Table below.

Weekly Employment News

14th April 2021 Hindu PDF Download: 14 Apr 2021 (Updated)

Date of The Hindu Daily Pdf DownloadStatusThe Hindu Analysis PDF
13th April 202113 Apr 2021
12th April 202112 Apr 2021
11th April 202111 Apr 2021
10th April 202110 Apr 2021
9th April 20219 Apr 2021
8th April 20218 Apr 2021
7th April 20217 Apr 2021
6th April 20216 Apr 2021
5th April 20215 Apr 2021
4th April 20214 Apr 2021
3rd April 20213 Apr 2021
2nd April 20212 Apr 2021
1st April 20211 Apr 2021
31st March 202131 Mar 2021
30th March 202130 Mar 2021
29th March 202129 Mar 2021
28th March 202128 Mar 2021
27th March 202127 Mar 2021
26th March 202126 Mar 2021
25th March 202125 Mar 2021
24th March 202124 Mar 2021
23rd March 202123 Mar 2021
22nd March 202122 Mar 2021
21th March 202121 Mar 2021
20th March 202120 Mar 2021
19th March 202119 Mar 2021
18th March 202118 Mar 2021
17th March 202117 Mar 2021
16th March 202116 Mar 2021
15th March 202115 Mar 2021
14th March 202114 Mar 2021
13th March 202113 Mar 2021
12th March 202112 Mar 2021
11th March 202111 Mar 2021
10th March 202110 Mar 2021
9th March 202109 Mar 2021
8th March 202108 Mar 2021
7th March 202107 Mar 2021
6th March 202106 Mar 2021
12th February 202112 Feb 2021
11th February 202111 Feb 2021
10th February 202110 Feb 2021
9th February 20219 Feb 2021
8th February 20218 Feb 2021
7th February 20217 Feb 2021
6th February 20216 Feb 2021
5th February 20215 Feb 2021
4th February 20214 Feb 2021
3rd February 2021Available For Download
2nd February 2021Available For Download
1st February 2021Available For Download
31st January 2021Available For Download
30th January 2021Available For Download
29th January 2021Available For Download
28th January 2021Available For Download
27th January 2021Available For Download
26th January 2021Available For DownloadDownload Shortly
25th January 2021Available For DownloadClick Here to Download
24th January 2021Available For DownloadClick Here To Download
23th January 2021Available for DownloadClick Here To Download
22nd January 2021Available for DownloadClick Here To Download
21st January 2021Available for DownloadClick Here To Download
20th January 2021Available for DownloadClick Here To Download
19th January 2021Available for DownloadClick Here To Download
18th January 2021Available for DownloadClick Here To Download
17th January 2021Available for DownloadClick Here To Download
16th January 2021Available for DownloadClick Here To Download
15th January 2021Available for DownloadClick Here To Download
1st December 2020Available for Download
30th November 2020Available for Download
29th November 2020Available for Download
28th November 2020Available for Download
27th November 2020Available for Download
26th November 2020Available for Download
25th November 2020Available for Download
24th November 2020Available for Download
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22nd November 2020Available for Download
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14th November 2020Available for Download
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11th November 2020Available for Download
10th November 2020Available for Download
9th November 2020Available for Download
8th November 2020Available for Download
7th November 2020Available for Download
6th November 2020Available for Download
5th November 2020Available for Download
4th November 2020Available for Download
3rd November 2020Available for Download
2nd November 2020Available for Download
1st November 2020Available for Download

The Hindu Newspaper- About

The table below gives basic information about the newspaper. You can check it and read the information.

TypeDaily The Hindu Pdf Free or
Owner/sThe Hindu Group and Kasturi and Sons Limited
LanguageTamil and English
Founder/sG. Subramania Iyer
Founded20th September 1878
PublisherN. Ram
EditorSuresh Nambath
Circulation1,216,118 per day (January-June 2017)
OCLC Number13119119

Analysis of The Hindu Pdf E-Paper 2021

These days, many students and candidates who aspire to prepare for government examinations look for The Hindu E-Paper analysis 2021 or the analysis in general. Many times, they don’t find time to read the complete newspaper themselves, and thus they read the hindu analysis daily 2021 or watch videos of the same. The analysis helps a great deal in covering the Current Affairs for various examinations. We all know that newspapers are the best source of information, and The Hindu in this respect makes sure that it covers all the important things, to provide its readers with the best.

You can check The Hindu Daily Analysis 2021 here and get a clear idea of what is going in and around the world.

FAQs related to The Hindu News Paper PDF Download Daily E-Paper Download

1. How to download The Hindu PDF Daily E-Paper?

Answer. The Hindu E-Paper can be downloaded by visiting the post above.

2. What are the different topics covered in the Hindu newspaper?

Answer. The Hindu covers all the important issues of national and international level.

3. Can we get economy news in the hindu e-paper?

Answer. Yes, the hindu newspaper covers Economics as well.

4. Where is the headquarter of The Hindu located?

Answer. Chennai is the headquarter of The Hindu.

5. Who is the founder of the hindu newspaper?

Answer. G. Subramania Iyer is the founder of The Hindu.

6. Is The Hindu the best newspaper for UPSC preparations?

Answer. Yes, it is considered the best newspaper for UPSC preparations.

7. When will The Hindu Today E News Paper PDF Available ?

Answer. we try to provide The Hindu Daily E Newspaper PDF as soon as we get any update or its uploaded on the server. stay in touch it will automatically be uploaded on this page.

8. Do you provide The Hindu Analysis PDF on daily basis Too ?

Answer. Yes here on this page, we provide The Hindu Epaper Analysis pdf in english and tamil on this web page.

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