Himachal Pradesh COVID 19 ePass Online Registration 2021 (covid19epass.hp.gov.in) HP E Pass Application Status

In view of the ever increasing corona infection, the Himachal Government has issued an order related to the entry of people from outside states in the state, under which they will have to first register online to enter Himachal Pradesh. Only after the release of Covid e pass, those coming from other states will get admission. Also, for inter-state movement, Covid e pass Himachal Pradesh Online Registration has to be done. Every incoming person will be checked at the border. Apart from this, the administration will keep their complete record.

According to the order, negative report is not required for children below ten years of age. Those coming from the hot spot location will be counted in the ‘High Risk Contracts’. There is no need to be quarantined if there is no goal for those going out of Himachal to come back within 72 hours. But SOP has to be followed. Also, it will not be allowed to meet more people till the protocol is completed. No restriction on inter-district and intra-district movement except in the Containment Zone.

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Himachal Pradesh COVID 19 ePass Online Registration 2021 (covid19epass.hp.gov.in) HP E Pass Application Status

Himachal Pradesh COVID 19 ePass Online Registration 2021

In view of increasing cases of corona in the state, the Himachal Pradesh government has issued orders to impose curfew in four districts. In these districts, the curfew will remain in force from 10 to 5 in the night. With this, people coming to Himachal will now have to Register for Himachal Pradesh Corona Curfew E pass 2021. The details of their arrival will be shared with all concerned for the purpose of quarantine requirement and contact tracing. However, no such system has been implemented for traveling within the district and within Himachal.In the orders issued, from 10 pm to 5 pm, there can be no movement except for the necessary movement in the above four districts. At the same time, people coming to Himachal from outside states will be monitored with Himachal Pradesh Covid 19 e-pass software.

This will be done through contact tracing, detection and quarantine of Covid cases. People coming from outside states will need to register online. Due to Corona infection in Himachal, as a precaution, all the people coming from outside will have to register on Covid e-pass software to get the Himachal Pradesh Covid 19 Entry Pass online 2021. According to the order issued, the movement of those coming from outside will be monitored through this software, so that tracing of the people who come in contact if such persons are found positive, including quarantine requirements. Apart from this, it has been decided to impose Corona Curfew Night Curfew in four districts.

Himachal Pradesh COVID 19 ePass Application Status 2021

Covid e pass Himachal Pradesh for Curfew 2021 Details

StateHimachal Pradesh
ServiceOnline e pass
Motiveto restrict the travelers outside
Benefit Permission to outsiders coming in the state

Himachal Pradesh Covid 19 Protocols for Travelers

  • If a person comes from the hotspot states, then there is a need of negative report of RTPCR of 72 hours, then that person will not need quarantine.
  • The person who has taken both doses of corona vaccine and it has been 14 days for the second dose. Such individuals after showing the final vaccination report. Such people also will not need quarantine.
  • Residents of Himachal Pradesh who have gone to hotspot areas for medical, business or office work and return within 72 hours are also exempted from quarantine. Provided they do not have any symptoms of Covid. However, they will have to register on HP COVID 19 ePass software. Registration approval must be shown at the time of entry in Himachal Pradesh
  • If any person from outside state travels to Himachal Pradesh for less than 72 hours from medical, business and office work, he will also be exempt from quarantine. The person has to follow all the guidelines of social distancing  and he cannot participate in any gathering too.
  • A person who has been cured of Covid 19 infection, who has a negative report of Covid 19 with a valid ID, will also be exempt from quarantine as per the conditions.
  • There is no need for any type of COVID report for children under 10 years of age, if an adult with a child is followed by a COVID-19 report
  • There will be relaxation of movement for adjoining industries, private and government offices and construction work in the border areas. Those who enter at the border daily will not be stopped. However, when asked the reason for the movement, they will have to give the reason for this.

How to do covid19epass.hp.gov.in Online Registration 2021

  • Visit the Official Covid E-Pass Page covid19epass.hp.gov.in
  • On the homepage of the website, Himachal Pradesh e-pass application form page displayed on the screen.
  • Select your District Name and enter Village/Town name, Your Name, Name of your relative & your relation with him/her
  • Then enter your mobile number and give details of the applicant.
  • Then, provide applicant’s Government ID Type and Number, Vehicle Registration number, Duration of visit and Timings, Area of movement, Application purpose
  • After entering all these details, hit the proceed button and follow the directions to get an epass.

Steps to check HP epass Application Status 

  • Visit the covid19epass.hp.gov.in and it takes the online applicant to the Home Page and click on the Status Check Option in the Menu Bar.
  • Now it takes the online applicant to the authorized application status check page.
  • Enter the Covid Pass Number and Mobile Number and click on the Search Button for knowing the application status.
  • Enter the Registration Number and Mobile Number and click on the Search Button for knowing the Covid e pass Himachal Pradesh Status.

Himachal Pradesh ePass Registration 2021 FAQs

What are latest updates on Himachal Pradesh Covid 19 Protocols for Travelers?

All those returning from Himachal Pradesh within 48 hours to the outer states will have a free movement on the border. In the event of more time being spent in the outskirts, they will have to be quarantined for 7 days on return. Currently, no provision for registration has been made for this.

From which website the travelers can get an epass for the free movement in the Himachal Pradesh?

Any person coming to Himachal Pradesh will have to register on covid19epass.hp.gov.in to get the epass in order to roam in the state.

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