Delhi Covid 19 ePass Apply Online 2021 ( Lockdown/Curfew E Pass Application Status

As we all are pretty aware of the gush of the Covid-19 Second wave, and the cases now that are rising are quite uncontrollable in present scenario. You can now get Delhi COVID 19 ePass Apply Online 2021 from the official website. This is mostly because of many reasons including the inefficiency of the system to tackle such situation beforehand as we already have wasted almost 1.5 year in this pandemic, next would be the unavailability of the sufficient bedding at the hospitals, take the example of worst affected state i.e., Maharashtra, the conditions are so vulnerable there, & the irony is that at most 3 persons are adjusted on the same bed when “2 GAJ KI DURI, MASK HAI JARURI is the motto” .

Delhi E-Pass Apply Online 2021

And lastly, we have become so careless that we feel mask is no more necessary and going out in huge crowd is our only right and we have to get it anyhow. For people not taking this seriously can see the current status of COVID-19 here: Delhi E-Pass Apply Online 2021

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Almost 2 lakh + cases have been reported on last check date i.e., 15-04-2021. And the worst part is that, this time the Coronavirus has mutated itself vastly with unrecognizable traits and until you can actually get this, you would have spread it unknowingly to people around you.

Delhi Covid-19 Movement Pass 2021 (weekend curfew)

With the latest government guidelines to tackle the situation, it is quite imp to know the information regarding the Delhi Movement Pass amongst Delhi Weekend Curfew E Pass i.e., from FRIDAY to MONDAY from 10:00 pm to 06:00 am, available at Delhi Govt. website also at

As night curfews and weekend curfews has been applied in Delhi to control the movement of people for unnecessary activities overlooking the spread of Novel Coronavirus.

But many people are also there who are engaged in providing important daily essentials to us like Pharmaceutical & Health employees, Newspaper van, Food trucks etc., and they require to travel in night time to avoid rush, so for such people, there is the mandate for having Delhi Movement e-pass if in case they do not have a valid govt. id, in order to move freely without restrictions.

How to apply online for Delhi COVID 19 Lockdown E-pass

  • In order to apply for Lockdown e-pass in Delhi, you need to proceed to the official site of Delhi at .
  • Then , at the bottom of the page, you can see the tab reading, Click here for e-pass for night curfew starting from 10:00 pm to 05:00 am, so proceed ahead with this.
  • Then they will give you option for the language that is Hindi or English, and choosing one will then show the next content in the chosen language.
  • After that some information is given so as to see who all can apply for the e-pass. Read that carefully.
  • Then start filling details needed such as your name, mobile no., office address, type of service provided by you, e-pass type, E-pass date, time from when to when it is needed by you, Any ID proof, Business card/ Visiting card details incase if you have so else leave it.
  • lastly, check on the acknowledge tab, and finally click submit to get your e-pass.

Next you will get the Reference ID to be used as a way to track your e-pass.

Kindly note that, Incase you have the e-pass for the NIGHT CURFEW, then in that case you do not have to re-apply for the WEEKEND CURFEW, as it will be considered automatically for weekend curfew as well.

FAQ’s About Delhi Movement ePass 2021

I have applied for Delhi e-pass for night curfew but what is the process of applying for Weekend curfew?

See, there is no different process for that, if you have the required e-pass for the night curfew, then same is applicable for the weekend curfew as well, you don’t need to regenerate it.

I work in a private firm, do I have to apply for an e-pass too?

As most of the firms work in day hours and it gets over by maximum 8 – 9 pm, hence in that case you don’t have to.
But if you are working in a night shift, like many people do, then you can apply for the e-pass.

I am 8 months pregnant, and I can have an emergency visit to the doctor anytime, so do I have to produce e-pass too?

Well in that case, you may be exempted from the same, but as situation gets better, you can apply for the same in time.

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